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Aurora Bows was born while I was working at a groom shop several years ago. I saw how much the clients enjoyed the bows and bandannas we put on their dogs when they were ready to go home. The groomers enjoyed pawing through the basket of bows looking for just the right bow for each dog. The shop owner asked me to make some bows for the shop because she was unhappy with the quality and variety of the commercial bows. She didn't want to send her dogs home with a swirl of chintzy acetate tangled in their ear hair.

It didn't take me long to realize I really enjoyed making those bows. I started to supply our shop and soon was supplying other groomers across Alaska. Aurora Bows grew quickly; I now sell bows all over the world. It makes me so happy to think of all the smiles when someone sees their pup in an Aurora Bow.

Most of my customers notice that my bows are a little different. I think the difference is in the process. I don't make bows if I'm not feeling happy and positive. I make every bow myself. When I put together an assortment and ship it, I take the time to think of the dogs and groomers that will be receiving the bows and I infuse each bow with a smile. I also try to make my bowmaking time special for me. I listen to my favorite tunes and enjoy the process. The ribbon I use is end pieces and surplus from boutique bow makers I have met online. Most of the designs are gleaned from their forums and lists. Adding bling (an embellishment) to a standard groomer bow was at the request of the local groomers. At one point, I wanted to stop adding bling and just have the "economy bow." My customers pleaded with me to keep the bling. I do NOT use cheap satin acetate. I like to think I'm doing my bit for the environment. My ribbon, bling, and bows are all made in a smoke-free, chemical free environment. Everything is stored in a clean, new plastic container and shipped in clean, new shipping materials. When possible, I recycled the outside shipping box.

Over the past 50 years I've made and sold everything from toys and dolls to handwoven fiber art and web design. My great-grandmother fed her children by making flowers from crepe paper dipped in wax which she sold door to door. My father was a lapidarist and silversmith. I guess hand crafting runs in my blood. I am the homeschooling mother of two girls . We live in Wasilla, Alaska. When I'm not keeping up with the girls or making your bows, I enjoy grooming, showing, and spending time with my six dogs - 2 Australian Cattle Dogs and 2 Shetland Sheepdogs and an English Shepherd.

I also enjoy hearing from people all over the world and shopping on Etsy. I'm captain of the Alaskan team on Rtsy.

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